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I absolutely love the simplicity and straightforward feeling of the brand Ouur founded by the Kinfolk team.

”In just a few years, Kinfolk has reached some major milestones. Since publishing our very first issue back in 2011, we’ve released 11 additional issues, foreign editions in Japan, China, Korea and Russia, our first cookbook (The Kinfolk Table) and we’ve hosted over 200 community events.


Along the way, our readers and contributors have grown with us, and without them, none of this would have been possible. Now we’d like to offer even more under a new collective brand, Ouur.

Ouur offers a seasonal line of apparel and home goods. The collection encourages a simplified lifestyle with a focus on comfort and utility and uses high quality textiles such as Scottish wool and Japanese cotton. Created with a sharp attention to detail, classic silhouettes and a neutral color palette, each item is made to be easily interchangeable.

The collection is currently available in Japan and we look forward to bringing Ouur to the US soon.”



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