Dear Santa…

whishlist 2015 : Josefin Hååg

This year I’m really busy and working all the way to christmas so I haven’t really had any time to think about a wishlist yet. I don’t know where time goes but it passes by quickly thats for sure!

The only thing I really need to make me happy is spending quality time with my sweet and lovely wife and family.


But here’s to dreaming…

1 . I will dream about a Jesper Waldersten until I get my hands on one. This one is called ”Den ganska långa vägen hit” 2 . I want this scent on my skin asap, for sale at Nitty Gritty 3. I have one of these beautiful cylinders by Anna Lerinder already but I love them and want more! 4. Jesper Walderstens ”Anna, snurra mig ett varv” 5. This vase by Matthias Kaiser has to move in with me soon, Santa can you fix? 6. Anna Lerinders Art Pieces is one of my most wanted pieces ever, one day… 7. This rug I Love,it can be found in my friend Sonjas Heimelig shop 8. Love this spotted platter by talented and sweet ceramic artist Masayoshi Oya 9. We really need new towels and these called Fresh Laundry by Himla is one of my favorites out there.

Santa see you on the 24th…



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