A little bit of Paris.

Paris. Photo Josefin HåågParis, Photo Josefin HåågSkärmavbild 2015-03-18 kl. 17.43.07

I’m back from Paris and what a lovely weekend we had. I’m feeling so inspired!

We stayed at Hotel Emeile (Thanks to a recommendation from Pella! thank you sweet P! we loved it) in the middle of Marais.


A perfect location in every way. A simple, small, but very cute hotel. I would stay there again for sure!

We squeezed in a lot of things during our three days, but most of all we just walked around and enjoyed being in Paris.

If you’re curious what I liked the most in Paris, I will tell you about some of my favorite places that we visited in the next couple of days. And a little Paris guide is coming up as well! Stay tuned.

Photos by me



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